"Impossible to describe let alone review in words, Jo Lloyd’s FUTURE PERFECT left me speechless and utterly joyful." Chris Boyd, Dance Australia

March 2013, Dance Massive, Arts House, Meat Market, Melbourne
September 2011, Trades Hall, Melbourne

Choreography: Jo Lloyd
Performers: Luke George, Rebecca Jensen, Madeleine Krenek, Shian Law, Lily Paskas
Composer: Duane Morrison
Set and lighting: Jennifer Hector
Costumes: Doyle Barrow

"Future Perfect vacillates between these two poles, god-like and human. It gestures towards an atmosphere beyond that which exists, yet visibly depends upon the physical labour of its dancers" Phillipa Rothfield, Real Time

"The polar tensions in this remarkable work made it one of the finest experiences of dance I’ve ever witnessed" John Bailey, The Sunday Age