Confusion for three

★★★★ “Electrifying...Jo’s choreography is a gift to watch.” Planet Arts

November 2018, PICA, Perth
August 2015, Arts House, North Melbourne Town Hall
March 2015, Dance Massive Open Studio Program, Chunky Move

Hypnotic tension is generated by three dancers as they negotiate a progressively unravelling system of choreography. Navigating their physical histories, both recent and distant – from traces of folk dance to idiosyncratic body rhythms – the performers reveal a series of desperate encounters, in a destabilising flood of movement, questioning the colonisation in their bodies. The questions remain: can this confusion be sustained, and where does it lead us? 

“Explosive physicality” The Age

“Jo Lloyd’s practice seeks to find a language that refuses the limits of history and culture, of form and aesthetic.” Anny Mokotow

“When we leave the room, the dance will leave with us. In this immediate moment, confusion is the only certainty.” Watching Melbourne Dance

“It is one of a kind” Dancehub Magazine 

Choreography: Jo Lloyd
Performers: Rebecca Jensen, Shian Law, Jo Lloyd                        
Composer: Duane Morrison
Costumes: Shio Otani
Lighting: Jennifer Hector                                                        
Dramaturge: Nicola Gunn                                                              
Photos: Gregory Lorenzutti